Our Story

A lot of our clients want to know how it all started…

Once upon a time there was me, working 60 hours/week in unrelenting corporate America management, my path had taken me here since essentially entering the workforce as a young girl years ago. In late 2012, God and I made a decision together, it was time to leave the corporate world. I thought and prayed long and hard and said, “God, allow me to use all this formal training that I went to school for (I was a business major at Shorter University) to begin my entrepreneurial journey.”

I prayed for an idea, a catalyst. Then the light bulb came on, and I began my grueling research of logistics as a whole, with a special interest in residential moving. I had moved all across the United States throughout my childhood and young adult life, due to my father’s military background, he was a medic in the United States army, so the concept of this moving business was not so foreign to me.

Charlie and Biscuit

Now, one of my passions in life is EXCELLENCE in customer service and it has been since the moment I walked into my very first job at McDonald’s. I was committed to “hot fries” and service with a smile. All these years later, I still live by the same fundamental creed. While I no longer serve french fries, I still strongly believe that regardless of the business that you are in, the differentiator must be the EXCELLENCE in service that you consistently deliver and provide.

That said, what fascinated (and frustrated) me the most about this industry, is how broken it truly is! I couldn’t believe that clients just like myself would call on a company for help in assisting them with this very important life change, entrusting this company around their families, children, pets, irreplaceable antiques, expensive furniture and china, only to be met with huge disappointment and heartache.

I read review after review from hundreds of moving companies, from small businesses to the big players in the game. I read horror stories about moving companies that didn’t show up for a clients’ scheduled move, theft of a clients’ merchandise, carelessness with the clients’ things, damages beyond repair, holding a clients’ items hostage, physical altercations on the job sites, hours late for their scheduled move start time, and the list kept going. I was stunned. Wow. It was bad. Really bad. Please go and read them for yourself if you haven’t already…YIKES.

After months of building a core team, coaching, meetings, trainings, setting expectations and goals…it was time to launch…and BOY, did we LAUNCH! The calls starting pouring in with people just like me that weren’t asking for the moon and stars, they simply needed a service handled professionally, competently, at a fair price and with a smile and willingness to serve.

That’s who Charlie’s Angels Movers really is, and who we strive hard to be every single day, on every single job. Excellence in service matters here. Our clients matter here. My team takes pride in what they do and I’m honored to work with such an extraordinary group of men. I think you will agree.

I will ask my team at every meeting, “How do we feel about competition?” And the unanimous response is “There is none.” Simply because when you know what you bring to the table of an organization and you know you work hard to deliver on the expectation, it doesn’t matter how many other people are doing the same thing around you. When you conduct good, fair business, the clients will come.

To all of our prospective clients that made it a point to stop by here first and read my story, thank you so much, your time is valuable and I appreciate that. Also, you seem like our ideal client: one who understands and appreciates the value of hiring movers that you can feel confident will perform this job at the highest level. We’re EXCITED to partner with you on your upcoming move and we look forward to making your move a heavenly experience!



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