Meet The Angels

Meet The Angels

Brad N.


Brad started with Charlie’s Angels Movers in August, 2016 as our full time operations manager. He has proven himself as one of the hardest working people that I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside. Regardless of the task or responsibility, Brad will raise his hand first and ask what exactly needs to be done so he can handle that for us. He does not know a stranger and will talk with anyone, anywhere, it’s one of my favorite acts of kindness that I like to see him display. He engages people easily and comfortably and he’s just the person that you want to come into your home to meet with you to discuss your move. He is such a team player for Charlie’s Angels Movers and puts his heart and grit into the job at every turn. He helps to oversee schedule coordination, client follow up, onsite estimates, and manages a 10-15 man crew. Brad is kind, honest and a lot of fun to be around! But don’t take my word for it, call and request Brad for your onsite estimate today! (Did I mention that he is my older brother and my best friend?)

Cory S.

Director of Operations

Cory is charismatic and full of energy. He enjoys activities that stretch the mind and challenge the body. His hobbies include reading, problem solving, working out and physical activities. He is a perfect balance of creativity and pragmatism.

Cory brings experience in business development, marketing, strategy and technical writing. He introduces innovative, creative and consistent operational solutions with a goal of increasing the effectiveness and efficiency throughout the organization. Cory brings extensive knowledge in creating and implementing processes and procedures to assist our team with seamless execution of day to day activities. His attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate across mediums allows our team to perform at a high level of excellence. He is solution driven and uses his advanced problem-solving abilities to streamline processes, thereby being more efficient and positively impacting the bottom line. Cory is responsible for the strategic development of Charlie’s Angels Movers and oversees new and existing initiatives.

Sanchez H.

Lead Foreman

Sanchez has been with Charlie’s Angels Movers since October, 2016. He started with the company as a “helper” and has boasted a strong work ethic with excellent time management skills since day one. A true asset to our team, Sanchez is capable, intelligent and will critically think his way to a solution. If you’re nervous about your big move, Sanchez is superb at managing the stress of it all with an endearing patience and warm spirit. He’s so helpful, kind and compassionate and we call him first when managing delicate moves and situations with our clients. We can discuss logistics and job details and we value his opinion greatly and we are proud to say that he won a trip to Vegas for two because of his 5 star review status on Google, Yelp, and Facebook! Sanchez won the boss’s car in another company contest and was crowned Charlie’s Angels Movers 2019 MVP winner exemplifying integrity, hard work, accountability and competent leadership, voted on by his peers. Sanchez, the ultimate team player and a mentor, coach, and lead to many new hires joining our team. Originally from Charleston, SC, he now resides in Marietta, GA. If you want the best, ask for Sanchez!

Manqual H.

Lead Foreman

Manqual, older brother to Sanchez, has been one of Charlie’s Angels hard-working movers since November, 2017. This brothers duo are a powerhouse team that conduct themselves professionally and execute the moving experience almost seamlessly. Manqual has an impeccable work ethic and clients have reported time and time again that he literally never stops working while on their clock. He’s fun and light-hearted and is sure to make you smile more than once while facilitating your move! Voted on by his peers, Manqual was MVP for 2020 and winner of the prestigious title and $2000 in recognition of his hard work and infectious attitude! Manqual, also originally from Charleston, SC, has a quiet demeanor and is sure to please if he is leading your job or assisting with your move. Manqual now resides in Villa Rica, GA and we are privileged to have him on the Charlie’s Angels Movers team.

Brandon A.

Lead Foreman

Brandon A. has been with Charlies Angels Movers since early 2019. As one of our lead foremen, Brandon comes to work every day with a positive attitude and the determination to make sure each job runs smoothly. He enjoys meeting new clients and goes above and beyond in taking care of their personal belongings. Brandon excels with challenging situations that different jobs bring. He works great with his fellow Angels and encourages and motivates them to be their best. Brandon is a great addition to our team and constantly brings new ideas to the table. If you get the pleasure of having Brandon lead your move, then you will definitely say that your move was a heavenly experience.

Brandon P.

Lead Foreman

Brandon has been a Charlie’s Angel team member since August of 2019, but has many years of industry experience. Very out-going, funny and respectful, Brandon was previously a basketball phenom, and played over in Japan, Mexico and Canada.  He is a lead foreman with CAM and is aspiring to be his own business owner in the world of professional fitness and personal training.  Brandon is a loving father to his children and his intelligence and likability lend well to the Charlie’s Angels Movers organization, as our clients find that engaging with him is light-hearted and easy.  Brandon enjoys working for the company, and prides himself on bringing an energy and level of professionalism that is award winning.  Brandon was Charlie’s Angels Movers 2020 winner of the Most Loved Angel, voted on by our clients, which earned him $1000 and bragging rights.  He thrives in the area of mentoring co workers and helping those around him to level up.  Brandon is truly an asset to the Charlie’s Angels Movers team.

Austen S.

Support Specialist

Austen S

Austen has been with the Angels since late 2019. He happily greets every physical and mental challenge in a professional manner with a smile and a can-do attitude. Austen loves to help others in need and takes pride in being an Angel, providing S-Class service from start to finish. In his free time he enjoys creating art, skateboarding and playing soccer. He is constantly taking his creativity and mental fortitude from these activities and applying them on the job. Austen is an asset to our team and we are proud to have him as an Angel.

Darnell O.


Austen S

Darnell has been with the Angels since early 2019. He approaches every physical and mental obstacle in a professional manner with a smile and a “we will get it done” attitude. Darnell enjoys helping others in need and always gives 100% of himself to provide a heavenly experience to our clients. In his free time he enjoys playing soccer, going on hikes, and playing with his Airedale Terrier. He’s always taking his can do attitude and fun persona from these activities and applying them on the job, making the tough experience of moving feel like a breeze. Darnell is an asset to our team and we are happy to have him as an Angel.


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